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Oktopas is a powerful cloud ERP solution especially designed for growing companies and SMEs. It is Easy to Use, Flexible and Comprehensive ERP at the same time. Built with latest cloud technology. Provides a powerful tool for management to remain on top of the performance parameters of the organization on a real-time basis.

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For Retail

Sell globally with multi-currency support and manage returns with ease, giving your customers the flexibility of refunds through giftcards, cash or exchange.

For Manufacturing

Save time and money with raw material and production tracking. Purchase and track raw materials, and manage manufacturing steps with Fulfil.

For Wholesale

Make purchasing with a breeze with customer price lists and a dedicated wholesale portal

For Trading

This powerful core trading platform automates business management processes and provides centralized control


An ERP built exclusively for high volume, high growth business focused on driving customer delight.Everything you need to scale your business, in one place



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Fulfil is a key part of us being able to do our mission of saving lives and providing peace of mind for everybody. We would not be on same day shipping without fulfil.

Hi there, We are Oktopus.

We are a young, dynamic company at Hyderabad. For last 1 year we've been actively building next generation innovative digital platform to support small and medium business. Our mission is to empower the next generation of scale for growth



Join us in making net-gen platform for the world!!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is ERP? Why do we need?

    ERP is an acronym that stands for "Enterprise Resource Planning". But what does that really mean? ERP software is designed to help companies manage their business operations, providing visibility into available resources, whether financial, labor, time, materials or other aspects needed. Organizations use ERP software to streamline the complexity of business processes such as taking orders, scheduling plant activity, tracking raw materials and compliance reporting. Virtually every organization with more than a few employees uses some form of ERP. It’s a competitive disadvantage if a company isn’t leveraging ERP effectively.

  • Making the right choice may seem daunting. But it doesn’t have to be. If you need help developing a list of requirements, find a vendor that knows your industry and market and has customers similar to your business. Once you have a list of requirements, you can then gather responses and start the comparison process.
    To help you select the right ERP solutions for your business and business needs, SYSPRO offers a preliminary assessment and modeled blueprint of your business based on evaluating your current and future strategic objectives, current business processes, IT maturity of your organization, people and roles involved in ERP and your information needs.

  • When it comes to change, pain is a great motivator. Maybe it’s taking longer every month to reconcile your financials or you’re increasingly basing forecasts on guesswork. You have no real idea how much stock you have on hand, so it’s hard to be demand-driven. Increasing compliance regulations are tying you in knots.

    Here are five common signs we see from companies ready to consider a new ERP software system:

    • Decision time has doubled. Time spent looking for information has increased dramatically.
    • Working capital has increased. Too much money is tied up in inventory and inefficient processes.
    • Redundant, disconnected software programs. You need to reduce IT complexity and unify your various front- and back-end systems with a single database – and get to one version of the truth.
    • Customer experience is suffering. If you can’t deliver what customers want, as fast as they want, to the right locations, you could lose to competitors. The right ERP system can provide visibility and agility to be more customer responsive and reduce errors.
    • Growth and expansion. If your current system can’t scale up, handle global needs, or support new business lines, it’s time to consider a change.

  • The answer of course is – it depends. The requirements of process and discrete manufacturing are different. A small business needs different functionality than a complex, multinational operation. Your industry may have specific compliance demands. And then you need to consider general IT issues such as ease of use, total cost of ownership, vendor stability, technology flexibility and ease of implementation. It is important to ask your proposed vendor these questions to ensure they address your unique requirements.

  • For many companies, moving their IT infrastructure and software to the cloud reduces the need for in-house support structure and saves the cost of server hardware. Cloud-based ERP can be easier to scale functionality and users either up or down as required. And, it can often make it easier to share information across regions or locations. However, for some companies, you might not be ready to cede security to a third party and prefer an on-premise solution, and that’s okay with us, too. We’re one of the few software providers that offers flexibility for our customers and still provides on-premise ERP solutions. We help you choose based on your unique organizational requirements.

  • Success of course depends on the goals you want to achieve. Many companies measure return on investment in terms of cost and time savings achieved when automating manual work, and gaining visibility into potential bottlenecks. Some look at the value of reduced risks and improved corporate governance. The potential ROI can be seen in a wide variety of departments and processes. Check out our Solutions page to explore the ROI of ERP for yourself.


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